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Spirit & Sport is developing hearts, minds, and bodies in the JPII tradition of World Class as Athletes and Scholars to benefit the community and nation. Athletes will be trained and filmed in their respective sports, while giving both athletes and nonathletes alike the opportunity to pursue scholarships and develop new skills and skill levels to help them on their way. All people who take advantage of this tremendous training at reduced costs are asked to give back in a very special way to their community.

Giving Back
Visiting and helping the elderly will be a cornerstone opportunity to participate in the unsurpassed training at this facility. Therefore, the dream of learning will be coupled with the need for giving and helping to make this facility unlike any other facility in the nation. A facility with unparalleled training by outstanding trainers and highly supervised programs to make sure everything is tailored to the individual and the progress of the student or student athlete.

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Development for All
The development of hearts and minds will be done by other trainers who have extensive experience in this area and who understand the significant needs found in society today. Training that gives light to the "Spirit" of this organization and which opens hearts and minds to really know and find meaning in life. Many different avenues will be available to develop this including talks, tweets, books and papers to help everyone on their journey. A World Class training facility, help for those looking for scholarships, a give back to the elderly, and training in hearts and minds will have a significant impact unmeasurable in dollars but unsurpassed in creating a better world.

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"Kelly Scott (my Dad) is second to none when it comes to skill development both physically and mentally. From footwork to shooting form, from visualization to mental toughness, he will develop you completely as a basketball player. Plain and simple: he gets it. He has developed every basketball player, from every background, from every position to perform at their very best. He has such an eye for skill development that he can transform players. His attention to details is impeccable; he has an ability to find even the most minuscule of adjustments which can unlock a world of improvement and efficiency in every facet of the game. He is a true coaching talent.
Passion and love of the game is something you see and feel when Kelly Scott coaches you. His energy and will to help people is a joy to be around, and anyone could gain something in a session with him. I'm so thankful that he helped to develop me every step of the way from small, skinny kid to professional athlete. He is a major reason as to why my dreams became a reality, and I'm forever thankful. I would recommend Kelly Scott to anyone, and everyone."

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