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Senior Citizens

The elderly are a backbone to Spirit & Sport in a number of ways. First, they will be served by the athletes who come through this facility. The athletes must spend one hour with an elderly person and provide that person's information so we can follow up with them to get them acquainted with services they may need at this stage of their life. After the initial visit, an athlete will owe one hour for every five hours of training. All initial visits will need to be turned in before the first training session. This is an opportunity for both the athlete and the greatest generation to gain from interaction and to give one another help, influence for the good, and an understanding of their lives.

For the elderly, Spirit & Sport is going to work hard to put together service lists and other options where they can get help to remain in their homes or be able to continue a good quality of life. These service and other lists will be many available to the families and all interested parties. The idea behind this is to give knowledge to the elderly and their families so decisions about services can be made with as many options as possible so the elderly are given the best care possible.

For the student or athlete this is both a time to help and a teachable moment. The greatest generation has been so helpful in making our community and nation what it is today and they now have needs and desires that they alone cannot fulfill. The student or athlete needs to learn about how much bigger the world and their community is than only for themselves. They also need to learn that as others give their time and effort to make them better and more successful, so they can turn around and give something in return. The discounted rates are in place for a reason- so students and athletes realize what a helpful and learned place Spirit & Sport is and that even in that helpfulness and discounted costs something is expected and must be achomplished to bring the mission full circle.

Spirit Is found in community and in doing something in the community for others as one develops their own skills and reaches for peak performances both on the athletic field and in the classroom. This facility will give back to the elderly and provide much hope for their exciting senior years.


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