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The opportunity for scholarships abounds for students and student-athletes but the knowledge to help discover them does not. This is yet another area where we hope to shine and give those trying to go on to institutions of higher learning the opportunity to do so. These scholarships are intended to be used but so often don't get used and others fail to apply for them due to misinformation or no information at all. The ability to search through scholarships and to get tips on where to look and hot topics or new and exciting scholarships will be posted on our site. We will be also be working with local and national companies and schools to get the latest information and push these resources to expand opportunities and develop ways to get more scholarships available for Spirit & Sport website and facility users.

There are over 45,000 athletes participating in college basketball and over 30,000 scholarships that are available and given to student athletes from the various Men's and Women's basketball programs. That doesn't include scholarships at the Division 3 level as they award based on "need". This is just one sports scholarship's levels and when you multiply it times the number of sports and you have over 200,000 scholarships being given out to student athletes. The opportunities are there but you have to be connected to those scholarships and you must have the training and peak performances to be really to demonstrate the ability and mindset to get one of the available scholarships. Spirit & Sport will ready you to perform at the peak performance level but it will also help in connecting you to the proper sites to learn as much as you can to know what you have to do. We will also welcome coaches and scouts to visit the facility and be able to see the effort being put forth by the student athletes working out at Spirit & Sport. If a student athlete has film through our facility then they will also be able to make that available to the coaching staff. Every effort will be made to help train student athletes so they will perform at their peak and get the opportunities their skill level and determination warrant.

Scholarships to attend college simple as a student will also be an area where Spirit & Sport will work hard to make our website helpful to all. We believe that opportunities are there but finding those scholarships are going to be more and more necessary to make the transition from high school to college. Costs continue to rise and sometimes at frightening rates so too must the due diligence to make sure every student that wants to can pursue a college education. That opportunity will take work to find the scholarships, and we will work along with those students to direct them to foundations, companies, and sites where they can find the scholarships that will help them along the way. Spirit & Sport will also be pursuing companies and foundations to be of help to those who go through our website making every possible resource available to them.


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