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Training to be a great person and basketball player takes great skill-building. We at Spirit & Sport have outstanding drills to improve student athletes and build up their skills. Our program has been recommended by high school and college coaches and we work hard to create new drills that challenge the players.

The training schedule is as follows and you can come to as many or as few training sessions as you like.

2018 Training Dates at St Charles Borromeo

Trainings are scheduled for:
November - none scheduled

Training for boys and girls ages 10 to 17 are from 7 to 8:30pm and cost $20 per session

All trainings take place at St. Charles Borromeo located at 2727 Stinson Blvd.


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Times are: 7pm to 8:30pm

The training sessions require one hour of service to senior citizens for every ten hours of training. The drills get more intense as the sessions go on into the evening.

Remember we need 1 hour of service for senior citizens for every 10 sessions of training.


Call Kelly Scott with questions: 612-867-3386

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Send us your video today! We will review your tape, give you detailed drills and feedback (like what our pro players use) and make you a much better player right away for only $99! 3212 Hilldale Ave NE Minneapolis,MN 55418 or

I also will do trainings at other locations on any other night on a per session basis. I have offered these services to high school and grade school coaches and many AAU teams of the Twin Cities and beyond.

I am also willing to film any athlete and give them feedback on that INDIVIDUAL training session for $149.

Please let people know of our expanded effort to do good in the community and develop great people and athletes.

Get Better with Better Skills for Body, Mind and Spirit!


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